For our group installation, we chose to focus on the ideas of “Success in America”. As teenagers, we feel a variety of different pressures, all guiding us into constricting and trite stereotypes of success. With our combined efforts, we attempted to construct a hand-built machine to explore both struggle behind success, as well as the diverse definitions of success. The base of the machine, a mostly wooden structure, included hand-turned pulleys decorated with 2D artwork representing the distinct obstacles faced in reaching success. The top level of the installation features five sculptures. From left to right, they represent a progression from the more stereotypical, to the more realistic, meanings of success. The sculptures, in order, are called: money, fame, love, knowledge, and happiness. 

This project was made by 30 passionate high schoolers, several gracious parent volunteers, and some incredibly dedicated teacher mentors. Over 48 hours, locked in a school over the weekend, a true explosion of talent, creativity, problem solving, and community emerged.