detroit, mi

This chain reaction was created to Deconstruct the America that has put Profits over People, Greed over Empathy, and Hate over Love. We created this landscape to call attention to the injustices that are affecting our brothers and sisters, mothers, fathers and fellow citizens, from the poisoning of the City of Flint’s Water System, to the defunding of our public education system through privatization, to the predatory lending practices that have gutted our city and many others across this nation. This machine burns the money that is prized by our economic institutions, money that is more coveted than the future of our nation, more cherished than our children’s health or educational opportunities. This machine asks you the question ‘Who is in Charge?’ and then answers with ‘It’s Up to You.’ The machine then explodes, destroying the house and the symbols of the institutions that have failed the American People. America isn’t institutions, an economy or even a government. America is a collection of individuals that value life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This Rube Goldberg Machine was Successful. Our Government has Failed. 

We must begin to gauge the health of our nation not through the eyes of the very few citizens who are prospering, but through the eyes of the millions of citizens who are suffering from injustice and inequality. 

Who is in Charge?  It’s Up to You.

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