"California PArks and conservation"

The theme of my chain reaction focused on California's greatest national parks and important conservation topics. The objective was to communicate the importance of environmental conservation. The themes were not only represented in the decorations of the piece, but also in the objects involved in the chain reaction itself. I was inspired to build this chain reaction by my love for the outdoors and concern for environmental preservation. 

Yosemite, Sequoia, and Death Valley were included in the design. Recycling was represented by the tin can trick, climate change represented by the rising sea pulley system trick, and freshwater availability represented by the water bottle trick. 

Materials incorporated in the chain reaction include ping pong balls, marbles, Trix Tracks, Hot Wheels, K'nex, dominoes, string, 3D printed parts, wood, pegboard, nuts and bolts, tin cans, water bottles, toy animals, a wind up toy, yogurt cups, a laptop, tree bark, twigs, rocks, leaves, and sand. The chain reaction ended by sending a print of a QR code to the next team's printer.

LEARN MORE:  United States National Park Service, CA National Resources Agency